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Climate Change is real & we are the generation that needs to help slow down the process.

Both directly and indirectly through education, research, and activism. 

Greenhouse gases are the leading cause of global warming and why is that? 

Coal, oil, gas for electricity. Here are some interesting products that are being created worldwide to create a greener world. 

A Vietnamese company has created compostable straws made of grey sedge grass. 

  • Decomposes easily
  • Perfect for composting 
  • The straws are packaged with bamboo leaves

Edibles plates made out of potato starch 

  • Marushige Seika Co. focuses on reducing plastic one day at a time 
  • Called e-tray,  edible, compostable, and have different flavours like onion, corn & more!

Living Things is a creation of algae as home decor

  • Edible bacteria that acts as a light source
  • Microalgae turn into green biomass and convert it into biofuel

Plantable Paper

  • Tomato & Co.
  • Made from organic waste from cotton factories
  • Available in different thicknesses, colors and even able to have specific prints 
  • Once a person is done using the paper, it can be placed in a pot of soil to help produce tomatoes

Bamboo Speaker

  • Bamboo India created a natural speaker 
  • Just put your phone on the dock for and the Bamboo sticks hollow inside amplifies sounds naturally
  • Uses no electrical power and has a long shelf-life

Edible Water blobs 

  • Skipping Rocks Lab. has created “Ooho” – which is a mixture of brown algae & calcium chloride that creates a jelly layer around liquids. 
  • The jelly layer has no taste and can be eaten by tearing a hole or popping the whole thing into your mouth
  • Also 100% biodegradable

These are only some products that have been making a difference & many more out there! 

http://Photo by Singkham from Pexels

Have you heard of any of these products before? 


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