Food for Thought

Sustainable Cooking Tips for Home

Over 60% of food thrown away every year could be avoidable, but our society continues to consume food in an unsustainable manner. Where can we improve? We need to stay educated, understand the importance, and develop ideas to consume food more sustainably. To be able to live in a developed country where food seems like an infinite source of energy, is a blessing. It should not be taken for granted especially when others around the world struggle from hunger every day.

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Fast Fashion: The Horrors

Fast fashion is a global issue which has a significant impact on both the planet and the people. The blog post starts off by describing what fast fashion is and how it is not sustainable. Furthermore, the post also discusses the various effects of the fashion industry. In particular, it touches upon landfills, water usage and individuals who work in textile shops. It ends off with some solutions that could help to reduce the issue.

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