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[minti_testimonialslider testimonial_1=”Their message was simple yet inspiring. My students came back to school ready to change the world! We have already organized monthly litter cleanups around the school.” author_1=”Glencora Moses | Grade 4 teacher, Glengrove Public School” testimonial_2=”Our kids even organized themselves to pick up garbage around the school on their lunch. Now that is called inspiration. Keep up your great work. Hope to have you again at our school in the future.” author_2=”Tomy Valookaran | chaplain, St. Mary CSS” testimonial_3=”The presentation from PickWaste featuring the speakers, Sam and Dillon, was a highlight of our Earth Week. Both Sam and Dillon speak with such passion and authenticity. I would not hesitate to bring them back to speak to a large or small group.” author_3=”Mike O’Neil | Principal, Father F√©nelon Catholic School” testimonial_4=”Woah! I got a lot of positive feedback from the teachers and students after your presentation today. You are extremely well spoken and motivating when you speak, and did an excellent job presenting the material in child friendly language.” author_4=”Esther Glover | Grade 6 teacher, St. Leo CS”]