The Life of a Plastic Water Bottle

I hope that you are all doing well. Being back in the full swing of university, it is a very busy time of year. In addition, living off campus and in my own apartment has given me a new perspective on something that is a very pressing issue. Wednesday’s are garbage collection days in my…

Plogging: Paving the Way for Eco-friendly Exercise

“Plogging” – what the Hell is that? This week’s post is all about a fun, innovative exercise that fitness junkies around the world have started adding to their workout routine. Gaining a lot of attention in the media in the last few months, this activity originated in Sweden about two years ago. North American media…

What Does “Sustainable” Mean?

We have all heard this word before, especially in the last few years as it has become a hot topic in the media. Sustainable development; clothes made in an eco-factory using sustainable products; local farmers markets campaigning with the slogan “shop sustainably.” But what does “sustainable” really mean? How can we be sustainable? There are…

Cigarettes: Not Only Harmful to your Body

This week’s post is inspired by PickWaste’s most recent clean-up, which took place on Saturday, July 28th. At this clean-up, Sam, Dillon and their volunteers collected 4483 cigarette butts in just one hour! Can you believe this? The fact that there are so many tiny pieces of litter lying around in one space is just…

Ten Tips for Reducing Everyday Waste

For today’s post, I’m going to share with you ten easy ways to help reduce the amount of waste in your life. You’ve probably heard a lot about the Zero Waste Movement the last few years, and it’s amazing that so many people are working to reduce their ecological footprint. If Zero Waste sounds a…

Eco-friendly Tips for Moving off to University

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Jenna here, and I cannot believe that we’re already halfway through August! With school looming just around the corner, you’ve probably started getting ready for the year ahead. If it’s your first time heading off to university or college, I bet that you’re feeling very excited and nervous right about now! If…

Our Origin









PickWaste originally started out as a volunteer project.  We would meet up, to clean up litter in our community for one hour once a week.  Over the span of a year and a half we managed to fill just under 1000 bags of litter and remove 21 000 cigarette butts from the downtown core. The initiative was featured all over national news. 

It sounds great right?  The only issue is we were not solving the real problem. We needed to pull out the roots of the tree and address the real issue. A lack of environmental education!

PickWaste is now an educational company that delivers fun, engaging presentations to students from grades 4-12. We teach kids to respect, understand and care for our common home. Over the past year we have delivered over 50 presentations, directly speaking in front of over 8000 people.