Sustainable Cooking Tips for Home

Over 60% of food thrown away every year could be avoidable, but our society continues to consume food in an unsustainable manner. Where can we improve? We need to stay educated, understand the importance, and develop ideas to consume food more sustainably. To be able to live in a developed country where food seems like an infinite source of energy, is a blessing. It should not be taken for granted especially when others around the world struggle from hunger every day.

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Sustainable Approach to Education

Education has always been a top priority in many of our lives, but has the thought of where we’re accessing this information ever crossed your mind? It’s never crossed my mind until recently. Over 600 million books are printed in the US alone, and with that comes a lot of waste. There are solutions set in place, so that should be our first step towards attaining a sustainable approach to education.

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