Running the World on Clean Energy, Literally

This post explores the idea:

Is there any way we can somehow harness all of this energy being generated through cardio machines? What if every single cardio equipment out there was fitted with equipment that let it store all of its harnessed energy to be re-purposed? How much “clean” energy could we generate?

The article also get’s into some detailed breakdown on how many homes you could power through your average spin class and comparing that to the energy generated from the Tour de France. Let me know your thoughts on this topic down in the comment section below!

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An Environmental Net-Positive Effect

In the year 630, Caliph Abu Bakr unintentionally created the first recorded moment of environmentalism. Abu Bakr was initially a rich and respected businessman, but he later became one of Muhammad’s closest companions. In this role, he was present through a number of military conflicts and in this position, he brought up the very first recorded environmental revelation; “[to] bring no harm to the trees, nor burn them with fire, especially those which are fruitful. Slay not any of the enemy’s flock, save for you food.”

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